Morphe is no longer selling the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Conspiracy collection

Laura Capon
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Shane Dawson's Conspiracy Collection with Jeffree Star Cosmetics is no longer for sale on the Morphe website, causing speculation it has been removed in the wake of the current scandal surrounding the YouTuber.

It all started when Shane released a statement on Twitter announcing he was quitting the beauty industry, comparing it to a "circus", calling beauty gurus "attention seeking, game playing, egocentric, narcissistic, vengeful, two-faced, ticking time bombs".

Shane released his 4-page statement after YouTube drama channels began accusing him and Jeffree Star of orchestrating 'dramaggedon 2', a claim they both deny.

For the two people that missed it, 'dramageddon 2' as it came to be known, started when Tati Westbrook uploaded a video with a number of allegations against her former friend and fellow YouTuber James Charles.

The scandal caused James to lose 2 million subscribers in 3 days, although he has since gained them all back, and posted his own video denying the allegations.

However, the most distressing outcome was that James was left feeling suicidal after the incident. Something he later discussed in a YouTube video when explaining what a vital role his friends and family played at the time.

“If I didn’t have that, I would be dead right now. Like, I say that, like, not even being dramatic. I don’t think I would have made it through everything that went on without them being with me and making sure that I was okay and waking up in the middle of the night to check on me every 10 minutes to make sure I didn’t, like, literally do something dangerous.”

Following Shane's statement, a number of his old YouTube videos resurfaced showing him wearing blackface on numerous occasions, making jokes about paedophilia and 'joking' about the death of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old who was shot by a neighbour volunteer claiming self-defence. The man was cleared of murder but there was widespread speculation the killing was racially motivated.

In response Shane posted an apology video titled "Taking accountability" where he not only apologised to the beauty community and James Charles, but also for his old videos, saying that the characters he played in his sketches do not reflect him now, describing them as "gross".

However, many have refused to accept his apology. In fact both Jada and Jaden Smith have spoken out publicly against Shane after one of his old videos showed him pretending to masturbate to a poster of Willow Smith, who was a minor at the time.

"To Shane Dawson... I'm done with the excuses," wrote Jada.

"Shane Dawson I am disgusted by you. You sexualising an 11 year old girl who happens to be my sister!!!!!!! Is the furthest thing from funny and not okay in the slightest bit," wrote Jaden

Before adding, "This man was also doing black face on the regular. As the youth we need to support creators who support us and our morals. This is not okay".

Now it appears that Morphe has removed Shane's Conspiracy collection from their website, which was only restocked earlier this month.

"Morphe removed Jeffree x Shane Conspiracy palettes," tweeted Sanders Kennedy, a YouTube drama channel who also confirmed with Target that they are no longer selling Shane's books.

"Morphe has removed all of Shane Dawson’s makeup products from their website. This comes after a plethora of videos resurfaced of the YouTuber using blackface, saying the N-word, joking about pedophilia and more," tweeted Pop Crave.

YouTuber Keemstar also waded in, tweeting, "Was Shane Dawson's makeup removed or did it sell out?"

Morphe have not yet confirmed of denied the claims, but Jeffree Star Cosmetics products are still available on their site.

We have reached out to Morphe for comment.

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