This Morning presenter Josie Gibson reveals what Holly Willoughby is really like behind the scenes


This Morning presenter Josie Gibson has shared what her fellow colleague Holly Willoughby is really like when the cameras aren't rolling.

Josie and Holly smiling
Josie and Holly always have This Morning viewers in fits of laughter (Instagram)

Speaking exclusively to HELLO!, the 38-year-old Bristolian gave a sneak peek into Holly's caring side and of the selfless friendship between the two.

Confirming what we already know, Josie chose her words wisely and said: "She's adorable. She's a real sweetheart."

Josie joined This Morning as a competition announcer in 2019 and became a presenter on the programme two years later. Upon her arrival to Britain's landmark show, Josie recalls the support she received from Holly and the empowering environment behind the scenes.

Josie wearing denim
Josie won the eleventh series of Big Brother in 2010 (Instagram)

"When I first did the show, I had so much support. Holly was there saying, 'Is there anything you want help with or is there anything I can do? Is there something you want me to do differently?'" Josie tells HELLO!. "Just to have that support is amazing."

The friendship between the ITV stars has flourished ever since, with natural humour that we know all too well of them both.

"The other day she sent me this joke," Josie said, already in fits of laughter. "She said 'Josie, there's a guy here called Scott Cheg asking for your number. Should I give it to him?' I said I don't know a Scott Cheg and told her not to give him my number. But then she sent me a picture of a man in a scotch egg face."

Holly Willoughby on This Morning
Holly's always got a smile on This Morning (Shutterstock)

Josie's workplace environment is something she feels incredibly fortunate to have, enabling her and the entire This Morning team to continue treating viewers with its morning gold.

"One thing I will say is that the women on ITV are very championing. Everybody champions each other here, especially the women," the 2010 Big Brother winner said solemnly.

The presenter's career took off after the birth of her now five-year-old son Reggie. Balancing TV with being a single working parent is obviously a massive juggling act, she admitted. But the support of her family and Reggie's father Terry has been a huge help through a challenging time, especially with Reggie's return to school in September.

Josie's son Reggie
Reggie celebrated his 5th birthday at West Midlands Safari Park (Instagram)

"I try to organise my week so I know exactly what I'm doing, but I'm just so busy running around. If I'm not doing the show, I'm looking after Reg. I've just thrown him a birthday party."

Recently partnering with Sainsbury's, Josie is an advocate of using Nectar Prices to cut costs in the current climate. Launched this April, Nectar customers can benefit from discounted prices on a range of products to ease the steepness of their weekly shop.

Those without a Nectar card: don't fret. You can still reap the benefits by simply downloading the app and using the deals both in-store and online.

Josie Gibson cooking
Josie has partnered with Sainsbury's to help parents cut costs of birthday parties with Nectar Prices (Mikael Buck)

With over 5,000 different offers to choose from across various categories including confectionery, dairy, meat, fish, poultry and more, Josie was able to cut back on costs whilst still giving Reggie an unforgettable birthday party at the West Midlands Safari Park.

"We got fruit shoots, mini cheddars, sausage rolls and loads of other stuff with Nectar Prices. I always overbuy because I like for people to go home with a bit of food as well," the mother-of-one admitted.

Whilst the TV star may not get to see her ITV family outside of work as much as she'd like to, at least she can experience an uplifting environment when they're together in the workplace.

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"I don't know about the men because I'm not a man," she jokingly said. "But with the women, it's like a sisterhood."