Morgan Evans' life was 'destroyed' by Kelsea Ballerini split

Morgan Evans' life was "destroyed" after he split from Kelsea Ballerini.

The 'Young Again' hitmaker got divorced from the 29-year-old star last November after almost five years of marriage and his parents have reflected on how the break-up impacted on the 37-year-old singer.

Speaking in Morgan's new docuseries 'Over For You' - which was filmed in his native Australia at the end of 2022 - his dad John Evans said: “Everything’s blowing up, destroyed in his life.

“I think he needed to come home and feel like he’s a special person and everyone loves him."

John and Morgan's mother Sue felt the singer's return to Australia offered him the chance to "reset" and "reconnect" with the important things in life.

John said: “I think it’s a reset for him to actually work out what’s important to him. To just remember what he wants and what he values.”

Sue added: “At our place the other day there was like a reconnection with what’s important in life. It’s your family and those people who love you, regardless of who you are or how well you’re performing.”

Kelsea recently admitted she was "livid" when Morgan released his song 'Over for You', in which he described feeling blindsided when the 'Heartfirst' singer - who is now dating actor Chase Stokes - announced she wanted to end their marriage.

She fumed: “Who you marry is not who you divorce.

"As he's putting out a song about being blindsided, he's taking half the house that he didn't pay for."

The 'Love Me Like You Mean It' singer admits it was "hard" to discover that side of the man she loved.

She said: "Hurt people, hurt people. I totally get that. And I have grace, I really do, because I do know that he was hurt and is hurt, but how was I married to this person for so long and I had no idea that that bit of character was tucked within that human being? That's what's hard for me."