More than 500 e-scooters seized by police in London in just seven days

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Hundreds of e-scooter riders in London had their devices seized by police last week.

The Metropolitan Police said its officers confiscated 507 of the contraptions during “proactive patrols” across all boroughs.

The enforcement action was triggered by an increase in usage of private e-scooters, which cannot legally be used in the UK except on private land.

Chief Superintendent Simon Ovens said: “Private use of e-scooters remains illegal on London roads.

“Riders using e-scooters on the road risk fines, points on their licence, and e-scooter seizures if they continue to use them on public road networks.”

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Dozens of legalised e-scooter rental schemes have been launched in urban areas across Britain since July last year as part of Government trials.

A programme began in parts of London earlier this month.

There have been long-running safety concerns about e-scooters.

E-scooter rider Shakur Pinnock, 20, died in hospital on June 18, six days after he was involved in a crash with a car in Wolverhampton.

He is believed to be the second e-scooter rider to die following an incident on UK roads.

YouTube star and TV presenter Emily Hartridge died after she was struck by a lorry while riding one of the devices in Battersea, south London, in July 2019.

In April, a three-year-old boy suffered serious injuries when he was hit from behind by an e-scooter while walking on a pavement with his grandmother in Feltham, west London.

Charity Guide Dogs has called for the sale of private high-speed e-scooters to be banned, and expressed fear that their use means some people with sight loss are being forced to change their route or avoid independent travel altogether.

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