Monty Don welcomes adorable new puppy in a series of cute posts

Photo credit: Getty
Photo credit: Getty

Gardening icon Monty Don has welcomed a new puppy into his home... and garden. And it's the cutest thing we've seen since he introduced his baby granddaughter Daisy Rose.

Sticking with his N name theme, like the late Nigel, beloved by Monty and by fans, and his current seven year old dog Nellie, the new pup is named Ned and he's as cute as can be.

Like any pet parent, Monty has been flooding his Instagram with snaps of the new arrival and we couldn't help but share them All.

First he introduced the pup, writing; "Collected Ned today- showing him the garden."

Before a side by side comparison of Ned settling in just as his big sister Nell had done; "Ned today and Nell 7 years ago - same age, same bed, same position in same room"

Before adding that big sis hadn't quite fully warmed up to he curious little brother yet; "Nellie still slightly wary..."

And showing how Ned was taking to life as a TV star dog; "Not impressed by filming!"

Though Ned found it has it's perks, after being cuddled all day; "Exhausted by first day's filming ( which consisted almost entirely of being cuddled by various members of the crew)."

Monty even has a lesson for other puppy owners, telling fans and followers; "The important thing with puppies is to start as you mean to continue- no getting on furniture, don't jump up, keep away from meal times, be fair but firm."

Before relatably adding; "As you can see, it is all going exactly to plan..."

We can't wait to see more of Ned living his best life in the garden with Nell, on TV and on Instagram!

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