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Can we take a moment for Megan Fox’s engagement nails?

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  • Megan Fox
    Megan Fox
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Type “engagement nails” into Google and you’ll get over 41,300,000 results. I get it. Even as somebody who isn’t the best with maintaining my nails (truly. I type that precariously with a hang nail as the result of picking off my shellac), I would want my nails to look their best if somebody was ever going to stick a ring on it.

So, any time somebody announces their engagement, you know I’m also scanning their nails for future inspo. Don’t judge, I know I can’t be the only one that does that.

Last night, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly shared news of their engagement on Instagram and alongside a gorgeous proposal under a Banyan tree, there was also one of the most beautiful and sentimental rings I’ve ever seen. MGK, whose actual name is Colson Baker, posted a video on Instagram, giving fans an up-close look at the ring and with it, came a close-up look at Megan’s engagement nails.

Of course, nails are a big deal to the couple. MGK has his own nail polish brand and for the launch party, the couple attended with a manicure that literally chained them together. And I'm happy to say, Megan nailed (lol, soz, couldn't resist) her engagement nails.

Some of the most popular nail designs include classic paint jobs such as a solid nude or red, or a French manicure – and while Megan went with the latter, it has its own twist on it.

As the camera pans out of the ring, it revealed Megan’s French manicure involves chrome silver nail tips instead of traditional white and honestly, I’m diggin’ it and I wouldn’t be surprised if this manicure started popping up everywhere soon. Even MGK seems to be sporting a matching chrome mani:

In fact, chrome manicures are already popping up on my social feed.

Not long after the announcement, I came across a very similar chrome French mani, created by nail artist Jessica Washick. Except, Jessica took it one step further by adding a cute silver heart just above the cuticle. Adorable, right?

Next time you’re at the nail salon, you know what to ask for…

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