Take a moment to find your centre this World Meditation Day

·2-min read

With the fast pace of modern life, it can be easy to feel anxious or overwhelmed at times.

A great way to combat these emotions is to incorporate a meditation practice into your routine, and as it is World Meditation Day on Friday, there is no time like the present.

While there are different types of meditation, from guided to transcendental, Martin Boroson from the One Moment Company, insists it is possible to find your inner calm in mere minutes.

"The belief that meditation takes a long time in order to be effective can become an excuse - it lets us off the hook of being a bit more peaceful right now," he said. "For the moment in which we most need to be peaceful is the very moment in which it is not so easy to be peaceful."

Regular meditation has been found to be valuable for mental health and general wellbeing, with some figures suggesting it is now as popular a practice as going to the gym. However, some people are still missing out on the benefits because they fear it is hard to master or too time-consuming.

"When people think about meditation, they often assume that it's going to take up a lot of time. Others think of meditation as an endurance test - the longer you can sit still, at peace, the better. Much like perfecting a fine art, many people mistakenly believe that the amount of time you spend in meditation has to 'add up' before you truly 'get it,'" Martin continued. "You don't really have to go on a meditation retreat, or quit your job, or find 20 minutes twice a day in order to experience peace. Deep peace is always available. It is offering itself to you now, now, and now again. And if you missed it then, don't worry. It is still here now."

Martin suggests learning to meditate with the free One-Moment Meditation app. Other great apps to check out include Insight Timer, Smiling Mind, UCLA Mindful, and MyLife Meditation.