Mom uses pool noodle to outsmart door-slamming toddler

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This mom on TikTok uses a pool noodle to prevent her toddler from slamming doors!

TikToker Megan Graves (@megan6feetunder) is a busy mom who enjoys posting occasional parenting hacks or cute snippets of daily life. Recently, Graves shared a simple hack to prevent toddlers from slamming doors or locking themselves in a room, and it’s a childcare game changer.

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The clip begins with footage of Graves’ adorable toddler, wearing a Mickey Mouse onesie, giggling and running around her pink room.

As Graves approaches her daughter’s room, the toddler scurries over, mischievously smiles at the camera, then proceeds to slam the door in her mother’s face.

“Aww noo,” Graves’ playfully cries out, reaching for the doorknob. She barely opens the door a few inches before her toddler slams it again with a triumphant scream.

“I can fix this,” Graves asserts as the camera pans to reveal a purple pool noodle with an incision cut from the top of the noodle to the bottom.

She opens the door again, and her toddler charges into her princess tent, situated in the corner of her room.

Graves attaches the pool noodle along the edge of the door, ensuring that it won’t be able to close completely.

Upon seeing this perceived injustice, her toddler charges, shrieking out from her princess tent. For the next few seconds, she hilariously stands, yelling and reaching for the pool noodle.

“Close the door,” Graves says to her daughter, who slowly lowers her arm and considers whether or not to comply.

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“Close it,” Graves says again, to which the toddler grabs the door and slams it. However, this time the door stays slightly open with the help of the pool noodle barrier.

“Winning!” Graves cheers victoriously as the video comes to a close.

While viewers thought the hack was clever, everyone agreed that Graves’ daughter stole the show.

“She cussed you out in baby,” joked one user.

“The way she stood reaching and just screaming,” mentioned one viewer playfully.

“That translates to, ‘I see what you did there, and I don’t appreciate it, mother,’” teased one linguist.

While this hack may come with some tantrums, it’s certainly effective at preventing any door slamming.

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