Mom sparks debate over her young daughter’s all-white wedding outfit: ‘[She] needs to respect the couple’

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A husband and wife are feuding over whether their daughter should wear white to a family member’s wedding.

The husband posted in Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. His wife believed it was perfectly fine for their 3-year-old daughter to wear white to the husband’s brother’s wedding. But when the husband checked in with his brother before the ceremony, the groom told him white was only for the bride. Now the Reddit poster’s wife is furious.

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“My brother is about to be married,” he wrote. “I am one of the groomsmen. My wife had informed me that our 3-year-old daughter would be wearing a white dress to the wedding. I wasn’t sure if this was appropriate, as I thought it was mainly brides and flower girls who could wear white.”

“My wife didn’t care if any little girls wore white at our own wedding, and other people that she knows say they don’t care. My daughter will be the only child attending among about 80-ish guests, as she is the only grandchild in either family. There are no flower girls or page boys participating in the wedding.”

The Reddit poster wanted to make sure his wife was correct, so he checked in with the groom about the matter.

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“I try to be as considerate as possible, obviously — it’s not my wedding. So I asked my brother whether it would be an issue,” the husband said. “And he says it will be. White is strictly for the bride, which I respect. Her wedding, her rules. And I don’t want any dramas.”

“Now my wife is calling me out on it, calling me all sorts of names, saying that I should’ve stood up for my daughter. Saying I should’ve kept my mouth shut and not mentioned anything and just rocked up with her wearing her white dress. She wants the bride and groom to pay for a new dress (which was a hand-me-down from the beginning).”

Redditors sided with the husband on this one.

“Your wife needs to respect the couple,” a user said.

“The fact [that] your wife is this upset over this is really weird,” another wrote.

“You were right to check with YOUR brother, and your wife should accept their preference,” someone commented.

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