Mom shares disappointing experience at Universal Studios due to lack of size-inclusive rides

This mom said her trip to Universal Studios was ruined when she couldn’t go on any rides because they weren’t size-inclusive, and trying out the test seats in front of crowds of people with no privacy felt like an embarrassing spectacle.

The issue of size-inclusivity applies to much more than just clothing. For TikToker and parent Summer Len Davis (@summerlendavis), size-inclusivity means enjoying a trip to Universal Studios without worrying about whether she’ll be able to go on a roller coaster with her daughter. Davis recently took to TikTok to share a video describing her demeaning experience visiting Universal Studios as a plus-size woman, and many viewers resonated with her story.

The clip opens with Davis addressing the camera while a greenscreen shot of her picture appears in the background.

“I’m going to tell you a story about how this woman is too fat to fit on any roller coasters at Universal Studios,” Davis says, pointing to herself in the picture.

Before breaking down the situation at the theme park, Davis tells viewers, “I am under no illusion that I am thin.”

However, she explains, “What I am teaching my children and what I am teaching the team of people that I work with is that a body like this is capable of climbing mountains and doing good things, and even capable of having pretty solid bloodwork.”

“What I don’t like is taking my daughter on a girls’ trip for her 13th birthday and not being able to spend time with her,” Davis shares. Davis claims her daughter had to ride the roller coasters alone because she was “too fat” to fit into them.

Davis, who loves roller coasters, says that she strives to teach her daughter self-love, acceptance, and the understanding that “everyone’s body is capable of doing the things that they want to do.”

Through tears, Davis explains that she got to the point where she chose not to go on any rides. “I did not want to be humiliated in front of hundreds of people sitting in the test seat.”

After mentioning that she’s never encountered this issue with the rides at Six Flags or Disney Parks, Davis relays, “I’m so disappointed in Universal and the message that this trip sent to my daughter.”

Davis closes the video by imploring Universal to relocate the test seats to a private area instead of having guests use them in front of everyone— an experience she found “humiliating.”

Viewers, who’ve had similar experiences, took to the comments to thank Davis for sharing her story.

“Honestly, I’m so glad you posted this, even though I’m sure it was hard. I’m built similarly, and now I won’t spend a fortune to go and not fit on any rides,” one user commented.

“Not a lot of people talk about this … I literally cried not being able to [go on] the Harry Potter ride,” shared one TikToker.

“It’s so frustrating. And why can’t they put ALL the test seats together in a room near the entrance where there’s privacy?” one viewer asked.

Fortunately, by sharing her story, Davis is helping others by reminding them that they’re not alone and their struggles are valid.

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