Mom ‘nearly pukes’ when she looks at baby monitor and sees empty crib: ‘My baby disappeared’

A mom was panic-stricken when she checked her baby monitor to see her baby had “disappeared,” and parents across Reddit are sharing similarly scary moments.

Posted to the subreddit r/NewParents, the mom’s post quickly garnered 449 upvotes and 53 comments.

Now, much like the shocking TikTok that revealed what can happen when you sleep with your bedroom door closed, the mom’s Reddit post is sending shivers down parents’ spines.

“My baby disappeared this morning,” her post begins. “I put him down in his crib for his nap and nipped outside to the bin. When I came back in, I couldn’t hear him fussing on the monitor as expected.”

When she looked at the monitor screen, the mom was horrified to see her baby’s crib was completely empty. “I nearly puked,” she wrote.

Fearing the worst, that someone had stolen her baby “right from under her nose,” the mom looked again.

This time, the baby was there, fast asleep. “The monitor had clearly frozen on the last image before the screen shut off. Scariest 5 seconds of my life!!!” the relieved mom wrote.

“The instant panic is unreal…”

Based on the Reddit responses, it seems many parents have had heart-stopping issues with their own baby monitors.

“My personal fave is a lag that makes them look possessed. Love that in the middle of the night,” one user shared.

“Or it freezes with someone putting them in the crib and you think there is someone actively in your baby’s room,” another user commented.

“Or their eyes open while the camera is on night vision and they stare into your soul,” shared another user.

“We had the opposite happen. Had our baby out with us and checked the monitor showing they were fast asleep… for a moment we thought we had a second baby 💀,” wrote another user.

“This happened to me the other day! The instant panic is unreal lol,” another user shared.

Thankfully, the original Reddit poster’s baby is safe and sound at home — although Mom may be a little wary of the baby monitor moving forward.

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