Mom’s hack cleverly transforms leftover baby food into ‘perfect easy toddler meal’

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This mom’s brilliant lunch hack involves mixing leftover baby food with fresh food, saving parents both time and money.

Raising kids is an expensive endeavor, with childcare costs increasing each year. Fortunately, there are many ways to stretch a dollar, and a TikTok parent who goes by akthomas621 (@akthomas621) shared this clip, which has garnered almost 200 thousand views, leaving parents marveling at the waste-eliminating food prep method.  

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In the video, the creative mama takes to the camera to show their simple step-by-step process for incorporating extra baby food into toddler meals. She begins by chopping and boiling carrots. Next, the clip cuts to her boiling noodles

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Once the noodles and carrots are boiled and drained, she mixes them all with leftover sealed baby food. She then uses scissors to cut the noodles into smaller bites, making them safe for her toddler to eat. The final shot reveals 3 neatly arranged bowls of the healthy meal, which resembles a toddler version of mac ‘n cheese

Viewers were impressed by the dish, with one user commenting, “Omg yes, a whole new meal! Thanks for this idea so much. I’ll remember this when my son’s eating baby food!” 

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Others took wonder in the clever noodle-trimming method. “Why have I never thought to use scissors?” wondered one user.
There are many ways parents can save money, and saving leftovers is just one of them. Making your own baby food is another excellent cost-cutting measure. Luckily the Internet offers an abundance of tips and tricks for parents who want to maintain their wallets in addition to their children’s diets.   

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