Mom’s elastic hack is a hairstyling game changer

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This mom and hairstylist on TikTok shared a creative hair styling trick that quickly and painlessly removes hair elastics when styling kids’ hair.

TikToker Aynsley Ovard (@aynsleyovard) is a parent, hairstylist, and digital creator who posts clips of hair tutorials for adults in addition to other lifestyle content. Recently, Ovard shared a clever hack for easily and painlessly removing tight hair elastics, and for many viewers, it’s a total hairstyling game changer.

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Ovard’s clip opens with a shot featuring the back part of her daughter’s hair. A series of small, clear elastics are tied tightly around sections of the hair to create a wavy texture.

While the hairstyle itself is relatively simple, the tricky part is removing the disposable elastics without causing discomfort and damaging the hair.

However, Ovard has a solution to the hair-pulling problem, which simply involves using a flat iron on the lowest temperature setting and lightly tapping each elastic to break the tie, resulting in beautiful wavy tresses without the tender scalp.

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Viewers took to the comments to share their compliments and inquiries regarding Ovard’s hair elastic hack.

“No freaking wonder [that] when I had pigtails with those bands, they snapped [when I was in the sun],” one user shared.

“I have really thin hair and have problems getting those out without ripping my hair. Such a good idea,” complimented one TikToker.

“A drop of lemon essential oil does the trick, too,” one viewer suggested.

Many TikTokers expressed concerns over the elastics melting.

“How do you do it without the plastics melting into your hair?” asked one user, to which Ovard advised using a flat iron with a very low heat setting in addition to tapping the elastic for just a quick second.

No matter how you style your hair, a good ’do without the discomfort is always the best way to go.

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