Molly-Mae's hack for XXL volume sans long extensions is *brilliant*

Kate Pasola
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You know that feeling when you've made the extra effort, done the most, to get volume in your hair while curling it, and then after all your hard work it just looks a bit...flat?

Molly-Mae Hague's got you covered, it turns out, with a trick that instantly boosts your curls, with zero added product or extensions. To be honest, it's a trick I often deploy myself as a serial hair-curler, and it's a failsafe way to jzush up your mane.

A bit of background: thanks to Molly-Mae's experimentations with extensions she's known for her Rapunzelesque (or should we say Elsa from Frozen) vibes, but lately MM's been trying a more natural look, and that has included swapping out her longer extensions for something more minimalist.

She took to IG stories yesterday to promote her Beautyworks Curl Kit Volume II (a thicker barrel, which is a good starting point for building bounce), and while recreating one of her past curly looks, she dropped the tip, among other great hints for achieving top-notch volume.

In the tutorial Molly sectioned her hair with a scrunchie and wrapped smallish sections of hair around the curler, holding for 15 seconds, before removing the curl from the barrel and holding it to cool in her hand (another important step for extra hold).

Importantly, she curls her hair with a parting slightly off-centre, aligning with the corner of one of her brows - this is important for the volume hack in question.

Then, she turns her head upside-down and "ruffles" the hair to add texture, before tweaking the hair into place.

And here's the clincher: when she lets her hair fall back into the original side parting, the look is gorgeous, but let's face it: not the iconic levels of volume she's famous for. However, then she flips the front 1/3 of her hair to fall on the opposite parting, aligning with her other eyebrow corner, meaning the root is lifted, adding that injection of bounce.

Photo credit: Molly-Mae Hague - Instagram
Photo credit: Molly-Mae Hague - Instagram

A round of applause for Molly, please.

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