Molly-Mae just spoke about the realities of painful periods

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Photo credit: Molly-Mae Hague - YouTube
Photo credit: Molly-Mae Hague - YouTube

Speaking candidly in a new vlog, Molly-Mae Hague has opened up about her experience of "excruciating" period pain and trying various brands of the contraceptive pill to try and lessen her cramps. The Love Island star also said that she'd discussed the possibility of having endometriosis, a condition that affects roughly 2 million women and people with uteruses, with her doctor.

During the video, Molly-Mae explains that she's suffered with painful periods for years and has tried various forms of the pill to try and ease her cramps, but that unfortunately the oral form of contraception doesn't agree with her and each time she's tried it has produced "crazy side effects".

"I've tried at least five different types of pill now and each one had crazy side effects, so we're not going back down that route again," she explains, before adding, "Last night I was up, rocking on the mattress, crying, I nearly called myself an ambulance it was that bad. I was like, this cannot physically be normal or bearable for anybody."

Molly-Mae then shared that her period is usually so agonising that she has to take the day off of work and socialising, "Everyone's like 'Yeah, I get period pains!' but I just feel like you can't get period pains the same way I do because if I know I'm coming on my period, I have to know that I have nothing [booked] in on that day so that I can be prepared to spend the whole day in bed, crying."

Continuing to speak candidly, Molly-Mae also explained that she has discussed the possibility that she could have endometriosis with her doctor (symptoms of the condition include having period pain to such an extent that it stops you carrying out your normal activities, as well as pelvic pain and difficulty falling pregnant).

"I mentioned to my doctor that it could be endometriosis but she's sure that it's not," said Molly-Mae. "So, I don't know! We're on a dodgy road with it, I feel extremely bloated and just really hot and sweaty and stressed."

Here's hoping that she'll be able to get a firm diagnosis or find a solution really soon, poor Molly-Mae!

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