Molly-Mae on having a 'warped' face that looked like 'an Xbox controller' due to fillers

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Influencer and reality TV star Molly-Mae Hague has always been super candid about her experience of experimenting with fillers – and later, the U-turn that saw her have them dissolved in a bid to appear more 'natural'. Now, she's opened up during a new podcast chat about the exact moment she realised she'd gone too far with cosmetic tweakments and how her body image became distorted, partially due to Instagram.

"It was actually only [when] my sister [Zoe] said to me, she was like, 'We need to sort this out'. It took her to tell me," the fashion mogul recalled whilst discussing a previous club appearance on the Diary of a CEO episode.

"I was at a PA [personal appearance] in a club, and she texted me and said, 'I need to talk to you about the filler. It's too much now. It's enough. You need to stop'," Molly-Mae shared honestly, adding that she used to have unflattering comparisons made about her looks.

"People used to say [I looked like] Quagmire [from the cartoon Family Guy], or I looked like an Xbox controller," she confessed. "My face was that warped."

Molly-Mae also said she finds it worrying how normalised having fillers and cosmetic work done has become, especially from a young age, citing social media as part of the reason why she embarked on having her face altered at just 16 years old.

She then likened having filler to "going to the gym" in terms of how accepted it's become, and said that reflecting on it all now, she finds it "terrifying".

It's not the first time the Love Island star has spoken out on the subject either, having previously made YouTube videos documenting her journey to reversing several procedures, including her cosmetic tooth bonding and lip fillers.

"I randomly actually ended up getting some filler dissolved in my face this morning," she shared in one vlog. "I feel like I'm still definitely going through the process of trying to make everything as natural as I possibly can, because I made that many mistakes when I was younger... I'm still genuinely trying to correct them now."

It's such an important issue that it's great to see Molly-Mae continuing to use her platform to speak out on the realities of cosmetic enhancements, along with unrealistic beauty ideals and expectations. Whether you decide to go for fillers or not (it's 100% a personal choice), perhaps let her story be a reminder to a) always do your research and b) that what we see on social media should never be allowed to have so much power over how we feel about ourselves.

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