Molly-Mae Hague says she is struggling to sleep in her new multi-million pound home

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Molly-Mae Hague speaks on her YouTube channel (YouTube)
Molly-Mae Hague speaks on her YouTube channel (YouTube)

Molly-Mae Hague has revealed she is struggling to sleep in her brand new multi-million pound home.

The former Love Island star and her partner Tommy Fury received the keys to their dream home at the beginning of April, with 22-year-old Hague describing the moment as “one of the happiest days of my life.”

However, the couple are undergoing renovations in their new home which is causing considerable disruption to the pair - and their pets.

The PrettyLittleThing creative director admitted she ignored the advice of builders to stay in a hotel until construction was complete, as she wanted to help her cats settle in the new property.

Things have not gone to plan, however.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Hague said: “Last night was my first night in the new house, which was so exciting. I'm not going to lie it didn't exactly go to plan in terms of it wasn't the relaxed vibes I was looking for.

“It wasn't as straightforward and chilled as I'd hoped it to be. Basically what I'm trying to say is I've definitely, definitely underestimated how living in a house with immense building work going on would be.”

She admitted that she had “brushed past the fact” that building work begins before 7am.

“The noise is unbelievable... I've never heard banging that loud,” she said.

“Of course they're demolishing bathrooms so it's going to be really, really loud but I just hadn't really thought about it.

“I thought, 'Oh yeah it'll be loud and there'll be banging and drilling and stuff but it'll be fine, we'll crack on with our normal day, we'll just sleep through it.'

“Well let me tell you could not sleep through that even if you wanted to.”

On the subject of her cats, she revealed that they are “terrified” of the noise.

“We moved them over last night and this morning when the building work started they did not know what to do with themselves,” she said.

“They were terrified, they were trembling. The cats are very nervous anyway. It takes them a long time to get used to people, get used to new area.

“I hadn't really thought about that, I'd just skimmed over it.”

Despite falling victim to a burglary in 2021, Hague announced in March that she was creating a new Instagram account called Molly Maison saying she had always dreamed of having a home account.

She added that she didn’t “want to let the past control my future, the way I live my life and what I share”.

​​Hague posted her first picture on the new Molly Maison Instagram account, which has almost one million followers to date, on 21 March this year.

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