Molly-Mae Hague’s father says star got ‘unfair’ birthmark removed to prevent bullying

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Molly-Mae Hague’s father has said the reality TV star grew up with an “unfair” birthmark.

Writing in Hague’s new book, Becoming Molly Mae, Stephen Hague explained that people would make “rude remarks” about his daughter’s strawberry birthmark on her head.

“As dad to two daughters, I felt it was unfair for a girl to have the birthmark in such a prominent location,” Stephen wrote.

“I used to get into verbal fights with people who said rude things about it when they saw it and only because I was a copper did I stop myself ‘chinning’ a few.”

Stephen said that his daughter’s birthmark “gave her an adorable quality” and a lot of people “stood up for her and protected her from cruel remarks”.

He added that while the Love Island star wasn’t insecure about her birthmark, her parents encouraged her to have it removed so she wouldn’t get bullied at school.

Molly-Mae added that the birthmark is now just a faint scar on her forehead.

Hague’s book was released on Thursday 9 June, and details parts of her childhood along with her rise to fame on Love Island.

The creative director of PrettyLittleThing said she wants her followers to get to know "Molly-Mae offline" through her book and how her story “really unfolded”.

“Yes, people might see me on social media or read about me in the press, but there is still a lot that they don’t see, and they don’t know how I have felt about it all along the way. This is the first time I have ever shared all that,” she said.

Hague first revealed she had a birthmark removed last year when she reflected on how “shocking” it was.

“I actually was born with a very very large strawberry birthmark. Essentially it looked like this [beauty blender]. It was bright red, it was super large, it stuck out of my head quite far. It’s quite shocking, I didn’t realise,” she said at the time.

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