Molly-Mae Hague defends her decision for all white furniture in new home

mollymae hague defends white furniture
Molly-Mae defends furniture choices in new homeInstagram @mollymae

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury's house renovations have been a long time in the making. This week, Molly finally gave fans an insight into the progress, with her home Instagram account Molly Maison, and it's gorgeous. We're talking walk-in wardrobe, marble floors, and er, a lot of white furniture.

On Sunday (6th November) Molly-Mae shared a video of her new lounge complete with a roaring fire and cream sofas. Many of Molly-Mae's followers were quick to congratulate her on the look of the room, but some have been left confused over the amount of white furniture and cream carpet, what with the couple recently revealing they are currently expecting their first child.

One person said: "That carpet when your baby arrives 😂❤️".

And another said: "You won't be seeing that fire for a while once there's a toddler around. And let's not talk about the carpet 😂😂."

Molly-Mae has now addressed her love of white and cream interiors and responded to people's comments about what she'll do when her baby arrives.

Writing on the Molly Maison Instagram story, Molly responded to a fan who asked: "How are you gonna deal with the white furniture when baby girl arrives?"

Molly-Mae responded saying she was bemused by the comments and they didn't design the house around the fact that they were having a baby. She said: "Sooo many comments about this recently…

"I’m just confused because are you meant to buy poo and sick coloured furniture when you have a baby?! Personally I don’t want to plan the decor of the house around the fact we will have a baby/child!

"Totally get people’s concern because the house is mainly cream/white…but that’s just the way we wanted it!"

Molly-Mae continued answering fan questions on the home account and was asked a few questions about her baby's nursery. She said the baby's nursery was still in progress and has been told it will be ready in time for when the baby arrives.

Molly-Mae also revealed that she has gone for a "calm and dreamy" theme for the nursery.

We can't wait to see it!

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