Molly-Mae Hague criticised by Made in Chelsea stars for flaunting wealth

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Molly-Mae Hague has been criticised by Made in Chelsea's Tiffany Watson and Nicola Hughes for flaunting her wealth online.

The former Love Island star was left devastated in October when thieves targeted her and boyfriend Tommy Fury's Manchester home and stole an estimated £800,000 worth of luxury goods while they were away in London.

Speaking on their What We Don't Post podcast, Tiffany, who is the daughter of a millionaire restaurateur, said Molly-Mae was the "ideal candidate" for a robbery as she advertises all her designer clothes and jewellery on social media and in her YouTube videos.

"The only thing I would say... do you ever watch her vlogs? She does showcase a lot of what she buys and it will be things like £50,000 necklaces," Tiffany said, reports The Sun. "I think, if you're a burglar, that's kind of your ideal candidate because you can see all these things that she's got.

"She's not hiding any of them, which is amazing because I loved watching all those things, but from a safety point of view, it was maybe not the smartest idea."

Nicola added that she feels nervous flaunting expensive possessions, stating, "Obviously, she has security 24/7, that's great, but in general, when I'm wearing my engagement ring or anything expensive, I'm quite nervous."

Addressing the incident on YouTube in November, Molly-Mae claimed the robbers "took everything" and they've moved out of the flat as they don't feel safe.

The influencer admitted the burglary made her feel guilty and question whether she had been sharing too much information about her life online, and she went on to state that she wouldn't reveal quite as much as she did before.

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