Molly Bernard pregnant

Molly Bernard is pregnant (c) Instagram credit:Bang Showbiz
Molly Bernard is pregnant (c) Instagram credit:Bang Showbiz

Molly Bernard is pregnant.

The former 'Younger' actress and her wife Hannah Lieberman - who got married in September 2021 - are "thrilled" to be expecting their first baby but the 34-year-old star admitted it is "daunting" to be "creating a queer family" at a time when LGBTQ+ rights are "constantly under threat".

Sharing a series of photos showing off her growing bump, Molly wrote on Instagram: "Thrilled to share the very happy news that @liebhan and I are expecting our first gayby! We couldn’t be more excited to start our parenthood journey!

"Creating a queer family in a world where lgbtq+ rights are constantly under threat is a daunting task.

"Loving Hannah has been one of the most profound highlights of my life and I am honored I get to be a parent with her.(sic)"

Molly ended her post by urging her followers to vote in the upcoming midterm elections.

She continued: "Because I am who I am I’d like to say the following: pregnancy is a choice, no one should be forced by law to do this. And please — I urge you to vote for the people in this midterm election who will protect our right to be a family, not threaten to obliterate it.(sic)"

Molly portrayed pansexual publicist Lauren in 'Younger' and previously admitted the role helped her understand her own sexuality.

She said in 2017: "Her confidence has helped me a lot. It helped me in a few different ways: Her confidence helped me with my own kind of nervous and self struggles, but she's also helped me with my sexual identity.

"I don't identify as straight."

At the time, she admitted she mainly dated men but felt it would be "perfectly possible and wonderful to have a [relationship with a] woman or trans person."

She added: "I've always felt this way, but now it's part of the conversation, we can talk about it. There's language for it."