No more Photoshop: US lingerie brand launches campaign with 'natural' models

Yahoo Lifestyle

It’s a refreshing change in a world of Photoshopped waistlines and eerily unblemished cover girls.

US lingerie brand Aerie has just launched its Spring 2014 ad campaign featuring models in all their glory, no retouching or airbrushing.

Aerie, the sister company of the hugely successful American Eagle store, has labeled the campaign ‘aerieReal’ and has placed a huge emphasis on natural beauty.

Previously unheard of in the world of lingerie, the models featured still have their tattoos, visible piercings and even realistic tummies.

Their tousled waves look exactly that, naturally tousled without a heavy-handed designer airbrushing out any stray flyaways.

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Aerie describe its new campaign as ‘challenging supermodel standards by featuring unretouched models in their latest collections of bras, undies and apparel’.

With a tagline, ‘The real you is sexy’ the brand is breaking new ground in the long-running debate over unrealistic female body images in the media.

Its target demographic is young women between the ages of 15-21, a market that is bombarded with images of too-perfect women all day, every day.

According to a 2010 study, 63 per cent of girls think that the fashion industry promotes unrealistic body images and yet 60 per cent of them say they compare themselves to these airbrushed fantasy women.

Encouragingly, 81 per cent of girls would like to see more ‘natural’ images of models in the media.

While the Aerie models are still all incredibly slim and impossibly beautiful, this latest inclusion of freckles and flyaways is definitely a step in the right direction to helping low self-esteem in our young women.

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