Model Georgia Gibbs Is a Beachfront Vision in Her Bright Green String Bikini

Georgia Gibbs.<p>Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images</p>
Georgia Gibbs.

Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images

We here at SI Swimsuit know that there’s a point during the winter where we all begin to collectively wish for a return to summer. Or—perhaps a touch more dramatically—we wish to pick up and move somewhere far warmer.

For model Georgia Gibbs, our wish is a reality. The Australian model never suffers a shortage of sun and sand. Though she’s moved around a lot over the years, she has settled in Miami, Fla.—which, given our previous comments, we obviously think is a brilliant idea (at least, in the winter).

As such, she is currently enjoying 70 degree weather, while the rest of us hunker down and wait for January and February to pass through. We’re comforted, at least, by the idea that she is making the most of it—and that we’re living vicariously through her. Just today, she woke up early to hit the beach for a morning sunrise dip, bikini and all.

The model wore a stunning bright green patterned bikini for her early morning beach jaunt. In the photos that she shared to her Instagram, she jogged along the bright sand beach in her glamorous summer-y getup. Needless to say, we were (just a tad) jealous.

“Sunrise is so worth skipping the snooz button,” she captioned the glorious photos

It was a quintessential “Florida winter” morning for the Australian. We may not be experiencing the warmth ourselves, but we sure are admiring the photos and pretending as much. Until summer.

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