Model Arizona Muse speaks out against fast fashion in new video with Extinction Rebellion

Sarah Young

Arizona Muse has joined forces with climate change activist group Extinction Rebellion to speak out against fast fashion.

On Tuesday, the model – who has walked catwalks for Chanel, Prada and Tom Ford – addressed the negative impact that the fashion industry is having on the planet and challenged her followers to “share, re-wear and re-love” their clothing ahead of London Fashion Week.

In the caption for the video, Muse wrote: “Extinction Rebellion. This week in London, the fashion industry is flying in to show off the designs they have for us next season.

“But all I can think of is what the seasons of the future might look like.”

At the start of the short film, which features animals on the verge of extinction, ice caps melting and wildfires raging, the model introduced herself before telling viewers that the fashion industry is “in crisis”.

“Every year a hundred billion pieces of clothing are made, taking a terrible toll on the planet and the people who make them,” she said.

“This happens because the people who buy the clothes are unaware. But the industry knows and things are not getting any better. In fact, things are getting much, much worse.”

The 31-year-old continued by listing a series of statistics regarding the fashion industry’s contribution to climate change, explaining that “production has more than doubled in the last 20 years”, while “one million of the world’s eight million species currently face extinction”.

Muse added that she is “so scared” about the world her children will grow up in and that she worries the droughts and deadly wildfires like those seen in Australia, California, Russia and the Amazon will become commonplace.

The model also revealed that she has recently made an effort to rent clothes and buy more secondhand before praising fashion brands that are championing sustainable fashion.

“Some people think that climate conscious fashion means the neutral hued hippie sacks of the 1960’s but sustainability has never been more stylish,” Muse said.

“Many labels are pioneering sustainable fashion and showing that environmentally friendly and socially responsible clothing can be truly beautiful.”

In the video, Muse focused on consumer responsibility and challenged her followers to “share, re-wear and re-love” their clothing” because “this season’s must-have is the continuation of life on Earth”.

The post has since been viewed more than 6,000 times and received hundreds of comments of support.

“So powerful and beautifully framed. This is an emergency and we are all complicit until we rebel. Solidarity and thanks to you Arizona,” the official Extinction Rebellion Instagram account wrote.

“What a powerful and vital message that we all must hear and work together to bring about change,” another user commented, while a third added: “I have such admiration for those inside an industry speaking truthfully like this”.

According to environmental charity the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, global emissions from textile production outweigh the carbon footprint of international flights and shipping combined every year.

The organisation adds that between 80 and 100 billion pieces of clothing are made annually, with £140 million worth of clothing estimated to go into landfill in the UK alone – a volume which is inevitably putting strain on the planet.

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