Mississippi police officer who took a 10-year-old to jail for peeing behind his mom's car is now out of a job

quantavious eason
The Senatobia Police Department acknowledged "mistakes" in taking 10-year-old Quantavious Eason to jail.Facebook/Latonya Eason
  • A Mississippi police officer who took a 10-year-old to jail for peeing is out of a job.

  • The Senatobia Police Department admitted it was an "error in judgement" to take the boy to jail.

  • Officers will receive additional juvenile training from the department going forward, police said.

A Mississippi police officer who took a 10-year-old boy to jail after he peed behind his mom's car is now out of a job, police say.

Senatobia Police Department Chief Richard Chandler admitted his officers made an "error in judgment" by taking Latonya Eason's son to jail on August 10.

According to Eason, she was waiting inside an attorney's office when a police officer spotted her son, Quantavious, urinating behind her car, WHBQ reported.

"This is to ridiculous something really need to be done," Eason wrote in a Facebook post about the incident.

Chandler initially stood by the officer's decision to refer the boy to youth court because the officer saw him committing "acts that would be identical for an adult under identical circumstances" and deemed him "in need of services."

Still, Chandler said it was an "error" for the officer to take Quantavious to jail because his mother was there as a "reasonable alternative" to transport him to the police station.

Now, Chandler said in a statement on Monday that the police officer who took Quantavious to jail is no longer employed by the department "as a result" of an internal investigation into the incident.

The department will also discipline the other officers involved in Quantavious's detainment and give additional juvenile training for all officers, according to the statement.

"We deeply value your trust and support, and we are dedicated to continually improving and learning from our mistakes," Chandler said.

Mississippi on the Move, a coalition that looks to empower Black Mississippians, started a GoFundMe fundraiser for Eason and her son. It has raised nearly $1,000 to help find the family more stable housing.

According to the page, Eason was consulting with a local attorney about getting help enrolling her children in school because of housing displacement.

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