Missing Polish farmer was eaten by his own pigs, officials say

Colin Drury

A Polish pig farmer missing since New Year’s Eve was eaten by his own animals, investigators say.

The man - named only as Mr Krzysztof and said to be in his 70s - may have had a heart attack before being devoured by the livestock, officials report.

They came to the gristly conclusion after a neighbour discovered bones at the property near the south-western town of Lubin.

When police moved in, they found the body almost entirely consumed. Only a few fragments of skull and bone remained.

“We do not know the exact date, but in the period between 31 December and 8 January the victim was eaten by pigs,” Magdalena Serafin, the town's district prosecutor, told the Gazeta Wrocławska newspaper.

She added that pigs– two adults and about 12 piglets – were allowed to roam free throughout the yard where the farmer lived alone.

Speaking about the animals, one neighbour said: "'These pigs are gigantic, they run all over the property, it wouldn't have been difficult for them to get him.

"We are afraid of them and don't got anywhere near."

An autopsy will now take place on Monday, although Ms Serafin that, given the extent of the consumption of the body, it would be almost impossible to determine the exact cause of death.

The animals will be examined by a vet to determine any further clues, authorities said.

It is then understood that they are likely to be put to sleep.

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