Missguided Beauty is here – but is it any good?

Roberta Schroeder
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Photo credit: Missguided
Photo credit: Missguided

From Cosmopolitan

Missguided has long been a go-to for Influencer-approved collabs, Zoom-ready track pants and reliably extra partywear – and now, the retailer is coming for your make-up bag too.

Yes, Missguided’s next step towards world domination is the launch of Missguided Beauty: a pretty major collection of make-up essentials, at predictably small prices.

Of course, any opportunity to stretch your beauty budget is welcome news, but the products obviously need to perform too – when it comes to the point on that cat-eye flick, there is no room for compromise. So is Missguided make-up a level-up or let-down? Stay with me for a deep dive...

Brow You Doin? Tinted Brow Marker

Ok, so we all know what this eyebrow pen is trying to imitate...With a heavy resemblance to one of my favourite Glossier heroes, I had high hopes for this one.

Turns out, Missguided’s Brow You Doin? Is pretty-much Brow Flick on steroids: the liquid is much more pigmented, so if you like a strong, precise brow, you’ll love it. If you’re more of a natural brow kind of person, it’ll scare you.

Right Now Brow Thickening Brow Gel

Ok so this one takes a little practise, but once you’ve mastered it, the results are impressive. It’s a brow gel that applies with a slim, short spoolie, so you won’t end up poking yourself in the eye, and contains a hefty level of pigment. The finish is slick and almost glossy, meaning you get more of a polished result than other thickening products deliver. A winner.

Girl Glide Liquid Eyeliner

Ok, the big one. I like to base a make-up brand’s credentials on the quality of their liquid eyeliner, and my standards are borderline ridiculous.

While I’ve definitely tried worse, Missguided’s didn’t quite deliver me the razor-sharp precision I demand, and so sadly this isn’t one I’ll welcome into my kit. If you’re after a budget liquid eyeliner that really impresses, Elf’s Intense H20 Proof Eyeliner delivers a cleaner line and deeper pigment.

Real Thicc Lash Mega Volume Mascara

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting big things from this mascara, as there are so many great budget options out there already. However, the thick brush and surprisingly light formula delivered a Bambi-like flutter that didn’t flake, crumble or melt into my lashline after a full day’s wear. It’s definitely not the boldest or the most dramatic formula, but it’s perfect for everyday looks.

Lids Lids Lids High Pigment Cream Eyeshadow

Ok, anyone expecting a super-high level of pigment here will be disappointed – as the name definitely does not imply, these are a lightweight, almost balm-like eyeshadow creams. However, the lightweight finish was actually a welcome surprise: they melt straight into lids and impart a glowy, light-reflecting sheen without settling into creases, even on hooded eyelids. I’d highly recommend adding the shimmering, bronze-y Uh Huh Honey to your next order.

Gimme Lip Matte Lipstick

These get a big yes from me. For £8.50, you can’t really go wrong. The formula isn’t as creamy or rich as spennier alternatives, but the colour payoff is great and they won’t make your lips dry or flaky.

Dew Gloss Multi-Use Dew Pot

And finally, if you buy just one thing from the line, make it this. Designed to add instant glow to anywhere you fancy (start with the tops of your cheekbones), Dew Gloss is a luminous creamy balm with a tiny touch of pearly pigment that makes skin look ridiculously dewy. It’s dense enough not to slide around the face, and creates the most beautiful shimmer-free sheen. This is highlighter 2.0.

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