Miss Michigan stripped of title over ‘offensive’ tweets about hijab and ‘black-on-black gun violence’

Sabrina Barr
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    I’d love to hear the opinion of US feminists about “world hijab day” where women on college campuses across the US are required to wear the enslaved, submissive garment or be stripped of their titles and accomplishments.
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    "So you're telling me that it's now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing? . No it's not a religious item. more an item of suppression.
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    Stripped of a title for telling the truth and questioning motives, what a sad state of affairs
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    So, freedom of speech is now a thing of the past in the US as it is here in the UK.
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    Blah Blah Blee
    Both of her statements reflect no bigotry, merely 100% correct facts. I thought she was insulting people, but none of this is wrong.
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    so it begins in earnest, banning facts when they don't suit the Soros agenda
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    So, Truth has a price. Suppression of the truth will lead to anarchy.
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    Telling the truth is now politically incorrect. Soon they will make it a crime.
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    She is of course quite correct
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    Barry Sotero changed his name
    For whatever it's worth, I think it's worth more for her to be right (which she most definitely is) in her posts than for her to have the title of Miss Michigan.