Miranda Cosgrove wants 'huge girls' night' for her 30th birthday

Miranda Cosgrove is turning 30 in May credit:Bang Showbiz
Miranda Cosgrove is turning 30 in May credit:Bang Showbiz

Miranda Cosgrove is planning "a huge girls' night" for her 30th birthday.

The 'iCarly' star will hit the milestone age on May 14, and she's "already thinking about" how she'll celebrate the special occasion with her closest friends.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I'm excited to have a party with my friends. I haven't had a big party since my 16th, so I think I'm gonna really go for it this year.

"I'm already thinking about it! I don't have a theme yet but just to have all of my favorite people around me.

"It's probably just gonna be a huge girls' night. Because a lot of my friends are single, and so am I. So it'll just be a fun girls' night!"

When it comes to her 30th year, the 'School of Rock' star is looking forward to the third season of the 'iCarly' revival to drop, as well as heading to Thailand to work on upcoming romantic comedy 'Mother of the Bride'.

She added: "I'm excited for the next season of this show to come out, I'm excited to get to go on a trip to Thailand for the first time by myself, and just try new things."

Last year, the Nickelodeon legend admitted it's “so funny how the internet works” after a year-old snippet of her saying “I cuss a little” on comedian Whitney Cummings’s podcast ‘Good For You’ was transformed into a popular soundbite on TikTok.

Of her love of the word “f***”, the actress told PEOPLE magazine: "I mean, I hope I didn't mess up anyone's childhood.

"I think that's definitely what it is, but it was so random because I did that interview with my friend Whitney over a year ago.

"It's just so funny how the internet works. Like, you never know what's going to catch on or what's going to happen."