Mom goes viral with epic fail of a minion birthday cake

A video of a mother’s reaction to seeing the Minion-inspired birthday cake she ordered for her son’s birthday has gone viral, with viewers calling the dessert design “embarassing”.

Tiktoker @babygirls0s0 was hoping to present her little boy with a birthday cake made to look exactly like the beloved yellow characters first seen in the animated film Despicable Me. But on 28 October, the frustrated parent took to her social media to share the design she’d asked for and the finished product she ended up with.

In the video, which has now reached over 18.7 million views, Bbygir1soso told her followers she’d ordered the cake from H-E-B, a popular supermarket chain. “This is the ugliest f***ing thing I’ve ever seen. This is so not what I asked for,” she went on to say.

Bbygir1soso prefaced the video by admitting the cake was “totally fixable,” which is why she accepted it and didn’t send the messed up design back. Despite her specific instructions on wanting the frosting to be “straight blue,” “straight yellow” with big swirls and no arms and legs, the cake she received was ombre yellow, blue, and green.

The eyes of the Minion were on the edge of the cake instead of on top of it, and they didn’t have the trademark Minion glasses around them. “Why is it green? What happened to the goggle circles?” Bbygir1soso questioned. And to make matters worse, the eyes weren’t even aligned.

Stunned viewers rushed to the comments section to convey their shock.

“Forget the swirls……..where’s the Minion?????” one viewer asked, while another said: “That was 10 times worse than I expected hahaha.”

“That is NOT fixable,” one critic wrote.

Another viewer noted: “Personally, I wouldn’t have taken it.”

“PLEASE TELL ME YOU DID NOT PAY FOR THAT,” another TikTok user added.

“Even the cake look embarrassed,” someone else commented.

Desperate viewers begged the TikToker to show them how exactly she fixed the disastrous dessert, doubting she could salvage it. In a follow-up video, Bbygir1soso demonstrated her design method that would save the cake. First, she explained why she didn’t complain, noting that she was on her lunch break when she picked the cake up and had to get back to work. Furthermore, the innovative parent knew she could make it better.

Using the gold “Happy Birthday” sash which had been thrown across the top, Bbygir1soso covered the green middle section and proceeded to print out a picture of the Minion goggles to put on top.

“It looks better but I still would’ve got a refund,” one viewer said, while someone else wrote: “GIRL yes glad you fixed it but you should get a refund.”

Speaking to Today, H-E-B said: “At H-E-B, we strive to provide quality products to our customers and to ensure they are satisfied with their purchases. We understand the customer’s frustration and apologise for the inconvenience. We are working to make things right.”

The Independent has contacted the TikToker and H-E-B for a comment.