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Minimise Waste and Maximise Eco-Wins with 20 Zero Waste Recipes

You’ve seen the episodes and listened to Greta’s harrowing UN Climate Change speech. Global warming is happening, and things need to change.

Alongside the obvious ways to slash your carbon footprint—flying less, vetoing fast fashion and investing in clean energy—changing the way you eat can have an impact. Several scientific studies show food systems are producing high levels of greenhouse gases, the worst offenders being meats like lamb, beef and pork. If we’re going to change how fast the world is heating up, we’re going to have to rethink how we eat.

That’s where the ‘zero waste’ ethos comes in. First coined by chemist Paul Palmer in 1974, it refers to eating with the aim of sending as little as possible to landfill, be that potato peels (delicious when fermented, according to zero waste chef Melodie Tyrer) or plastic. It focuses on conscious consumption, reducing both food and plastic waste, recycling when necessary, and reusing where possible, and avoids throwing food into landfills, which produce a third of the UK’s methane emissions each year, a harmful greenhouse 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

It can seem overwhelming, so let us help. We’ve pulled together 20 simple zero waste recipes from Victoria Glass, food writer, recipe developer and author of Too Good To Waste: How To Eat Everything (£14.99, amazon.com) for you to try at home. Cut down on your food waste (and groceries bill) with two for the price of one—that is, one set of ingredients, two tasty dishes, zero waste.