Millionaire gets trolled after thread about ‘broke people’ goes viral

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor
A millionaire has vented about 'broke people' on Twitter. Photo: Getty Images

There’s a lot to be said for writing in a diary instead of taking to the internet to vent your frustrations - and one woman has found out the hard way.

Blue collar millionaire and founder of the Positivity Right Now blog, Melissa Jeanine, posted a lengthy thread on her social media account, detailing why she never does anything over-the-top for “mediocre, middle class broke losers”.

“Broke people are usually very low class, have extremely bad manners, have zero etiquette and no class at all whatsoever,” Melissa started the shocking post.

She went on to talk about trying to make friends in a new office by baking cookies for everyone.

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The businesswoman claims not only did nobody say thank you to her but they also kept the tupperware container.

Another time, while she was working at another company, it was her time to bring in the birthday cake, and she decided to make a gourmet dessert instead of a classic cake.

“Our team lead, a bigger girl, was angry that I didn’t bring in a cake,” she said.

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“So what did she do? She went and bought a cake and told me, “We’ll just put your dessert cups out on the table next to the cake and if people want one, they can take one.”

She said her desserts were “fit for a champagne brunch” and “a bunch of rude, low class, broke obese girls didn’t want them”.

That was the last time Melissa ever did anything “spectacular” for “mediocre” people, who didn’t appreciate her efforts and now she just lavishes her socialite group with fancy gifts, fresh flowers and wine.

In exchange, they “share their entire network and millionaire connections”.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Melissa’s comments have received a lot of backlash on Twitter, from people calling her “classist”, while suggesting a truly “classy” person wouldn’t post such a negative thread.

Others have poked fun at her judgement that Hershey’s – a popular confectionary brand in the US - is “gourmet”.

Then there are those who have suggested perhaps the so-called “broke people” she’s complaining about just don’t like her.

On her blog, Melissa goes into more detail about her distaste for the working class, saying she grew up in “a household full of average people who spent their entire lives sitting on the couch, watching TV and living vicariously through more successful, prominent people on the silver screen”.

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Melissa said she “always wanted more” in life and while she admits she was initially stuck in the “middle class condition of remaining the average Joe/Jane who doesn’t have the guts, the know-how nor the will to discover or attain more”, she decided to dive into the unknown and start her own business.

As she moved up in her career, she left her middle-class friends behind and now she calls herself a “recovering member of Middle Class Defeatism”.