Millie Mackintosh reveals plans for summer wedding to Professor Green - EXCLUSIVE

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Millie Mackintosh has opened up about her plans for her summer wedding to Professor Green.

The Made in Chelsea star revealed her hopes for her wedding day beauty, where she wants to go for her hen do and how she's getting in shape for the big day.

The qualified make-up artist told us she has yet to decide if she’ll do her own make-up for her wedding – but said she likes the idea of being pampered on her big day. 

“I think I could do it myself but I think there’s something quite nice about having someone do it,” she told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

“I’ve got a friend who’s a make-up artist and she’s going to be at the wedding anyway so I might do that. I normally do my friend’s make-up but it’s my day. It’s nice to be pampered.”

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The 23-year-old opened up about what she wants from her wedding day beauty look – and it’s all going to be very natural.

“In terms of my wedding make-up, I won’t be going for heavy eyeliner or anything like that. I just want to look really fresh and young,” she revealed.

“You want your brows to be perfect, and your skin to be perfect [so] if you take care of it before, you just want to enhance it on the day to make you look really glowy.”

Millie added that we can expect something ‘very different’ from her wedding day hair look.

“I know it’s going to look perfect and I don’t want it to just look like how it is every day. I want it to be special but I want it to be surprise,” she said.

She also hopes to have a special lymphatic drainage massage on her face and body prior to the wedding – as well as a course of Dermaroller.

“They put this special serum on and then roll the Dermaroller over and it makes your skin produce more collagen… It just makes your skin look really plumped up and fresh,” she told us of the beauty treatment.

The Quality Street heiress hopes she’ll have a golden glow from her hen do for her wedding, but if she can’t go abroad then she’ll fake tan before.

“If I use fake tan I’ll probably use a brand that I already know, like St Tropez or Vita Liberata,” she said.

“I want a natural tan but it’s also nice to leave for the honeymoon knowing that you’re not really pale. I think it’s nice to have that natural glow under your make-up.”

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And it seems the MIC has got one place in mind for her summer hen do with her bridesmaids - Ibiza!

“I just have so much fun there… it’s my happy place. I love it. Daytime partying, big lunch and then beach, cocktails, dinner at one of my favourite restaurants and then a big night out,” she revealed of her ideal hen weekend.

The reality star has chosen her sister and three closest friends to be her bridesmaids but has yet to choose her Head Bridesmaid – ‘They’ll probably allocate it themselves!’ she joked.

But there’s one thing Millie has already sorted out, and that’s the bridesmaids dresses and shoes – Jimmy Choos, no less.

“I’ve got them all a pair of Jimmy Choos. You have to give your bridesmaids a present [as] you want to keep something like that. They’re all going to look very beautiful,” she revealed.

Millie also told us she’s chosen her own wedding dress as it has to be decided 4-6 months in advance.

“[Wedding dress shopping] is one of the first things you have to do really because it takes a while,” she said.

“You don’t just buy a dress off the peg when you’re out shopping. They don’t have samples, they don’t have hundreds of dresses in every size, they have to make it for you from scratch.”

But unfortunately for her, because her final fitting is so last-minute she won’t have a chance to change her mind.

“I like it quite tight so my fitting is literally like a week before. I’m sure it will be fine, I’m excited!” she said.

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Millie revealed that the dress she chose wasn’t what she hoped as she changed her mind when she tried it on in real life.

“My idea of what I wanted was so different from what I tried on. It was so strange. You don’t know what will suit you until you try it on,” she told us.

So was wedding dress shopping like she imagined when she was a little girl?

“When I was younger I always thought it would be really fun to try on dresses - it’s not something I’ve obviously ever done,” she said.

“I’m the first of any of my friends to get married so I haven’t done it with any of them [either]. But yeah it was really fun, quite stressful, but fun!”

To prepare for her summer wedding, Millie has also been watching wedding films to get her in the mood.

“I love Bridesmaids! I’ve had an urge to watch any film with a wedding in it. Father of the Bride, My Best Friend’s Wedding, just anything!,” she said.

And has she been upping her workout regime in preparation for the big day – or for just summer in general?

“Just for summer, you don’t want to feel puffy and bloated when you’re wearing summery clothes,” she said.

“In winter, if you’re carrying around an extra tyre no-one’s going to know about it.”

The Made in Chelsea star works out with a personal trainer four times a week, doing upper body, lower body and full-body (cardio) exercises.

“The first two weeks when we started doing it I could hardly climb the stairs but I’ve got more used to it,” she said.

“I would be really rubbish going to the gym if I had to do it myself. I just get so distracted!”

So will the wedding be a private affair – or a big occasion with loads of guests?

“It’s a small wedding, it’s just very close friends,” she told us.

Millie also set the record straight about which of her MIC cast-members will be at the wedding – and it’s not good news for most of them.

“There’s been stuff in the press saying loads of the cast are coming to the wedding. I can confirm that they’ll only be one cast member at the wedding - Rosie,” she revealed.

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