Millie Bobby Brown Says Filming Stunts On Stranger Things And Other Projects Makes Her Throw Up, But The Poor Girl's Doing Action Scenes All The Time

 Millie Bobby Brown on Stranger Things.
Millie Bobby Brown on Stranger Things.

Millie Bobby Brown has basically been an action star since she was 12 years old. That’s when she joined the cast of Stranger Things as the super-powered Eleven, and helped launch one of the biggest sci-fi shows in the world (which you can watch with your Netflix subscription). While the now-20-year-old star has taken on a number of non-acting projects over the past several years, it’s often that when we see her on screen, she’s taking part in any number of action-heavy scenes. Now she’s revealed that filming stunts actually makes her throw up, even though the poor girl does action scenes all the time.

What Did Millie Bobby Brown Say About Stunt Work Making Her Throw Up?

As someone who likes to take slow, meditative walks while sometimes eating peanut M&Ms, I have no idea how hard it must be to learn and perform stunts for TV shows/films. Obviously, it can be physically demanding, which tends to be one of the reasons so many of our favorite stars workout the way that they do, but it’s pretty common for them to say that they love getting in there and doing their own stunts. However, Damsel star Millie Bobby Brown does not appear to be among that crowd, as all that moving around literally makes her sick. As she recently told The Sun:

I don’t like climbing, and falling makes me feel sick. I’m really bad at motion sickness. On Stranger Things and Damsel, if I do it one too many times I am outside [being sick] and everybody’s like, ‘Oh God, Millie.’ I’m a nightmare.

Well, this just seems impossible! How on earth has the soon-to-be wed Brown been doing all this running, jumping, falling, and other stuff throughout basically her entire career and not given up on ever doing action scenes again? There’s a behind the scenes video of her doing the stunts on Damsel (her new fantasy film where her character has to fight/escape a dragon while being trapped in a massive pit), and there was a ton of flying through the air and being hoisted up, as well, to the point where she even admits in the video “I will vomit.”


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While her work in the Enola Holmes movies has also led to a lot of running and such, we all know that it’s her nearly five full seasons on her hit series that has led to most of her action work. The Stranger Things Season 4 ending alone saw her go through a lot to try and stop the dreaded Vecna and help clear the name of the dearly departed Eddie Munson. She’s now filming the long-awaited Stranger Things Season 5, which no doubt has her doing some crazy stunts that would make even those of us without any noticeable motion sickness hurl on occasion.


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The Godzilla: King of the Monsters star freely admitted that filming her latest movie “was a hard shoot,” mainly because she “knew it was going to be intense” but “not probably to the extent of what it actually was.” She noted that the process left her “aching” daily, but did also say that she got to fully access her “inner bad-ass,” so it’s entirely possible that we’ll continue to see Brown run, jump and climb on film in between barf sessions for many years to come.