Millie Bobby Brown gets candid about breakouts in makeup-free post, and reveals how she deals with them

millie bobby brown breakouts
Millie Bobby Brown shows how she treats breakoutsBryan Bedder - Getty Images

Millie Bobby Brown may be just 19, but her beauty brand Florence by Mills is not 'just another celeb beauty brand'. It's been wracking up public and pro approval, and our very own Cosmo acting senior beauty writer, Charlotte swears by the spot patches as the best there is (and she's tried them all). So, if the actor-turned-beauty-mogul is sharing her skincare advice, we're listening.

Getting candid about her breakouts, the star filmed with bare skin to show just how she deals with them, telling fans; "I'm having a pretty rough night with my skin. It's not very happy," pointing out her blemishes, adding; "I think they're hormonal."

Going on to say how she deals with those tougher days, she continued; "I'm just going to show you a tip, a trick, it has honestly really worked for me in the past." Demonstrating how she uses the Clear the Way Clarifying Mud Mask, from Florence by Mills as a spot treatment, applying it directly to the blemish areas to help clean them, and leaving overnight.

While the mask isn't currently available in the UK, the next product she used is. The Cosmo approved Spot a Spot stickers. Did we mention how cute they are with little clouds and butterflies?

Millie applied a sticker to the most inflamed of the blemishes, telling followers; "For this one that just looks really angry with me, I'm going to put one of our tea tree oil spot stickers on there, to just give that the love it needs." And even doubled up on the stickers, the little whales tessellating perfectly, to make sure all the surrounding area was covered.

Here's to breakout advice from someone showing an actual breakout, we've come so far from the TV adverts of a model with flawless skin squinting at nothing in the mirror.

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