Millie Bobby Brown admits Finn Wolfhard is a 'lousy kisser' during lie detector test

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Millie Bobby Brown jokingly confirmed that her Stranger Things co-star Finn Wolfhard is a "lousy kisser" during a lie detector test.

The Enola Holmes actress had her first-ever kiss when she filmed her character Eleven's romantic smooch with Finn's Mike in the first season of Stranger Things back in 2016.

When she sat down for Vanity Fair's lie detector test series on Thursday, Millie was asked if she said "kissing sucks" after filming the moment because her co-star was "a lousy kisser".

Without missing a beat, she simply replied, "He is," as she tried to keep a straight face.

The man monitoring the lie detector machine confirmed that she was telling the truth and jokingly looked at the camera and said, "He's a lousy kisser."

As the 18-year-old bowed her head and stifled awkward giggles, the interviewer asked, "So he hasn't gotten better?"

After taking a moment to consider her reply, Millie responded, "Not with me, no." The interviewer asked if she had given Finn this feedback and she confirmed she had not. The interrogator then noted that Finn will now know her true feelings, to Millie replied, "That's OK."

Elsewhere in the test, Millie said she wished "every day" that people would stop making Eleven jokes at her, agreed that more characters should have died at the end of Stranger Things season four, and admitted she no longer believes the Earth is flat.

The fifth and final season of Stranger Things is expected to start filming next year.