Milkybar Is Rumoured To Be Coming Out With A Mini Eggs Bar

Yes — it's absolutely too far in advance for us to be discussing Easter. But, no — that does not mean we're going to stop filling you guys in on the latest launches and chocolate sneak peeks, including this one...

Spotted online via Snack News & Reviews on Facebook (reshared from Treats in Store), it's been circling that a Milkybar Mini Eggs Bar is in the works. And by in the works, we mean developed and raring to go for 2023!

With no official launch date or details on the new chocolate bar anywhere to be seen, all we can do is make our assumptions on what this little treat will taste like. We're picturing Milkybar's signature white chocolate bar studded with crushed pieces of Mini Eggs. A dream? We think so.

This isn't the only rumoured chocolate treat doing the rounds on social media. Just recently a photo of a Terry's Chocolate Orange with Crushed Mini Eggs popped up on our feeds.

Spotted again online via Snack News & Reviews on Facebook, it looks to be like our favourite zesty chocolate, Terry's Chocolate Orange, is coming out with a Mini Eggs version and we're completely and utterly thrilled (no — seriously, this might be their best one yet).

Rumoured to be landing for Easter but potentially launching in the coming months, we're expecting the brand's signature orange-flavoured segments, but this time studded with mini egg pieces.

Now, we haven't heard anything concrete from Terry's as of yet, but Delish has contacted the team for more information on the potential launch, and are waiting to hear back. Although, the idea of this isn't unrealistic — earlier this year Terry's actually came out with a Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs Bar.