Milkybar Gold Buttons Have Arrived

milkybar gold buttons
Milkybar Releases Gold Buttons@treatsinstore

You might have noticed that blonde chocolate is having somewhat of a moment when it comes to sweet treats in the UK.

The golden-hued chocolate has a totally unique, caramelised, toasty flavour that some of our favourite chocolate brands are jumping on. The most recent blonde chocolate release comes from Milkybar, and we're delighted to announce that you can now buy Milkybar Gold Buttons in the shops.

We've already seen (and tasted) the Milkybar Gold Bar OG, and we can confirm it was delicious, so we have high hopes for the seriously snackable button form of the new chocolate flavour.

First spotted in Morrison's by Instagram account @treatsinstore, the Milkybar Gold Buttons sharing bag is available to buy right now and only costs £1.35.

The caramel-flavoured chocolate has all the same lovely creaminess of a classic Milkybar Button, but with a deep caramelised flavour that makes them feel sort of sophisticated.

We'd wager the new buttons would taste absolutely gorgeous stirred into brownie or blondie mix, cookies or even melted into a white hot chocolate.

The new release was also spotted by Instagram account @newfoodsuk, and there was a little controversy in the comments.

Some Instagrammers said Milkybar were just "jumping on the bandwagon" and that the new trend for blonde chocolate was akin to the orange chocolate craze of 2022. Well, that might be the case, but both flavours are 10/10 so where's the harm in a little band-wagoning?