Military mom reveals what her maternity uniform looks like: ‘More practical than most maternity clothes’

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A pregnant woman on active duty has revealed what wearing a maternity uniform has been like. She also highlighted how comfortable it is.

In a TikTok video posted in January of last year, mom and army woman, @vivianalynnette had her maternity uniform on.

“I was getting a lot of questions about the army maternity uniform,” the text over the clip reads.

She started showing the uniform from different angles. “There are buttons on the side and the bottom is very loose and big,” the text continues.

Viviana then slightly lifted up her army jacket to show what the pants looked like. These high-waisted bottoms had a band that went completely over Viviana’s stomach.

“The pants have a stretchy band,” she added in the text. “Pants are comfy.”

This video has more than 2.7m views so far, as TikTok users noted how comfortable these uniforms looked.

“That is so well designed, companies that require uniforms should take note,” one viewer commented, while another said: “You look so pretty and comfy.”

Some comets further emphasised how “practical” this uniform appears to be.

“That looks more comfortable and practical than most maternity clothes available,” one wrote.

“So the top is adjustable? That’s just smart TBH,” a comment reads.

Others admitted that they never even knew maternity army uniforms existed.

“I never thought of maternity wear in army uniforms,” one wrote. “I’m pleasantly surprised!”

Aside from being in awe over Viviana’s clothing, some TikTok users also thanked her for her work in the military, one of which said, “I love this! You [are] so beautiful! Thank you for your service! I pray you have a beautiful journey, love!!!”

Viviana frequently shares stories on TikTok about being a mom and previously pregnant when in the military.

One video specifically details what happened when she notified the military that she was pregnant and the rules she had to follow because of it. Some of the limitations for her included, not “carrying any type of weapon, cannot “wear any type of protective gear,” and “cannot be in any type of military vehicle.”

The Independent has reached out to Viviana for a comment.

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