Miley Cyrus undergoes a dramatic hair transformation, dyeing her locks dark brunette

This is a public service announcement: As of, well, an hour ago, Miley Cyrus went back to her roots (quite literally), transforming into the natural brunette bombshell she is. Oh em gee!

Taking to her Instagram feed (where all good things are announced), the singer debuted a brand new hair colour. As shown in the below post, Miley has dyed her previously two-toned skunk locks a dark chocolate mocha tone. Forewarning, her fresh tresses are so dark that they're verging on jet-black territory. And ofc, we love.

Diverting our attention – or so she thinks – with the caption, Miley congratulated creative director, Sabato De Sarno on his recent Gucci Fashion Week runway show. “@sabatods Congratulations on your beautiful debut show as creative director @Gucci 🖤 Your stunning heart was shown in every stitch. I love you & am so proud. Now give me everything,” she wrote.

We know she used to be crazy, we know she used to be fun, you say she used to be wild but we say she used to be young... that is, as she said sang herself on her recent single, 'Used To Be Young'. And 'young' Miley certainly is because she looks exactly as she did circa 2007 – aka, her Hannah Montana debut.

Now, if you missed a few chapters, for the last couple of years, Miley has been rocking a combined blonde x brunette 'do. As well as two-toned, said look is also known as 'Gemini hair'. Let's reminisce, shall we?

R.I.P. blonde Miley; Gone but never forgotten. Though, whatever colour her hair may be, there's no denying that the star can turn just about any lewk.

Disney, sign her up for a reboot because Miss Stewart is back in town!

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