Miley Cyrus' stylish private jet outfit is soooo extra

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Photo credit: @mileycyrus - Instagram
Photo credit: @mileycyrus - Instagram

For many of us, choosing a plane outfit feels like a distant memory. Nevertheless, something that said outfits always had in common was that they were comfy, with staples like trainers, leggings, joggers, slouchy t-shirts and hoodies reigning supreme. But, in the spirit of getting dressed up for travel, Miley Cyrus has just done and debuted a particularly snazzy jet-setting lewk for a recent trip and it's a total vibe.

In a series of snaps shared on Instagram overnight, Miley sports a mega glam red trouser suit situation, layered over a white crop top and a green tie casually draped around her neck. While a blazer might not seem like the most obvious choice for a flight, especially with those structured padded shoulders, the style still looks relaxed enough in the fit that Miley can sit back and relax with it on.

The tailored look was then accessorised with a pair of oversized aviator sunglasses and layered gold necklaces. But our favourite detail, without a doubt, is the pair of bright white Western cowboy boots that take the suit to a whole other level of cool.

One word: Yee-haw 🤠

For the trip, Miley's also rockin' her fab blonde mullet, which adds a little extra edge to the polished get-up.

"Flyin high up on the bird acrophobia ✈️" Miley captioned the post. P.s. for those wondering what 'acrophobia' is, it's an intense fear of heights - the more you know!

Anywhoo, red seems to be the colour of the week for the singer, with Miley wearing multiple looks in the same fire engine hue for a recent performance.

Check out her glittery ruby red Gucci getup with matching bedazzled boots here, along with this equally fierce blazer and shimmery leotard combo:

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