Miley Cyrus says she was fired from Hotel Transylvania over cake photos and denies cheating allegations

Lucy Anna Gray
Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus: AFP/Getty

Miley Cyrus claims she was fired from animated film Hotel Transylvania after photos surfaced of her posing with a penis-shaped birthday cake for her then-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

In a Twitter thread that’s been shared thousands of times, the 26-year-old singer also commented on her recent split with Hemsworth, among other controversies she has faced.

Speaking about 2012 Sony movie, Cyrus says she was “kicked off Hotel Transylvania for buying Liam a penis cake for his birthday and licking it”.

Cyrus was replaced by Selena Gomez as Dracula’s daughter, who went on to voice the character called Mavis in three films. The Independent has reached out to Sony Pictures for comment on the matter.

Cyrus also addressed her drug use and romantic relationships.

“I have not only smoked, but advocated for weed, I’ve experimented with drugs, my biggest song to date is about dancing on molly and snorting lines in the bathroom,” Cyrus wrote.

She also tackled rumours that her relationship with actor Australian Liam Hemsworth ended because of adultery.

“I can admit to a lot of things but I refuse to admit that my marriage ended because of cheating. Liam and I have been together for a decade. I’ve said it before & it remains true, I love Liam and always will.”

Hotel Transylvania is not the only job Miley Cyrus claims to have lost.

She said: “I lost a massive Walmart deal at 17 for ripping a bong.”

Hemsworth filed for divorce from Cyrus after seven months of marriage, citing “irreconcilable differences" on Wednesday.

The couple, who announced they would be separating on 10 August, reportedly have a prenuptial agreement.