Miley Cyrus returns from Instagram hiatus with a new hairstyle inspired by her mum

Miley Cyrus has been quiet on Instagram since September but thanks to her mum Tish, we finally have the new, long-awaited content we've been desperate for and of course it involves a new hairstyle.

Now, when we last checked in on Miley she was definitely going through a bit of a Debbie Harry phase with her blonde and black hair styled in a backcombed side part. But now, her new inspiration is a little closer to home in the form of her mum, Tish.

Tish broke Miley's Instagram hiatus with a photo of the pair twinning and when we say twinning, we mean matching outfits, sunglasses and hair.

Wearing contrasting blue and pink jackets (complete with matching Chanel brooches), skinny black cropped trousers and yellow-tinted plastic aviators, Tish looks more like Miley's sister than her mum.

Our favourite part of the whole look? Miley and Tish's twinning half up, half down wavy hairstyle that just requires a claw clip to recreate.

If you can't quite put your finger on who these two remind you of, our favourite comment with 32 likes is, "Romy and Michele who?".

In terms of colour, Miley is still rocking the black and blonde which we love because it gives us flashbacks to our 2009 Rush hairstyle. However, she definitely has more length and she's swapped the backcombing for some natural beachy waves.

Relaxed and happy Miley will always be our favourite. Now, if she could just announce that UK tour...

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