Miley Cyrus just posted a zero makeup selfie, naked in the bath

Kate Pasola
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Photo credit: Neilson Barnard - Getty Images
Photo credit: Neilson Barnard - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

There are two types of bath selfie in this world.

There's the type I take and swiftly delete, which comprise a steamed-up lens, mascara under my eyes, and flyaway hairs escaping from my Miss Trunchbull bun.

Thennnnnn... there's the Miley Cyrus bath selfie.

Miley's been pretty generous lately when it comes to letting her IG followers in on her life behind the rockstar exterior - just last week she shared a bedtime selfie feat little-to-no makeup, cherry-patterned pyjamas and mullet scraped up into a topknot.

So, it should be no surprise that eventually she'd also divulge a bath-time selfie to her fans. And boy, did our gal come through.

First things first, I'd like to commend Miley's commitment to nail care against all odds - it looks like she's opted for jet-black press-ons for the occasion, and on behalf of the fans, I'd celebrate her efforts.

(The same cannot be said for commitment to bath ambience however - sorry Miles, but we'll be deducting points for lack of bubble bath and/or candles.)

In the snap she can be seen reclining in a (bubble-less) bath, with the caption "For a good time call...")

It's hard to tell whether this is a verified zero makeup selfie as Miley's got such goddamn amazing skin. But she's got that post-cleansing flush, and her face is sliiiightly less tanned than her neck, meaning it's likely that this is her real, makeup-less face (lucky thing).

Photo credit: Miley Cyrus - Instagram
Photo credit: Miley Cyrus - Instagram

Either way, Miley, please teach us your bath selfie ways? My miss Trunchbull snaps aren't cutting the mustard.

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