Miley Cyrus just got a side fringe - and it's giving us year 9 school vibes

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

Arguably Miley Cyrus' hair evolution is just as iconic as she is. Fact. And ever since she first appeared on our TVs back in 2006 (ahh the good ol' Hannah Montana days), we've seen her sport several daring looks. From her 2012 mohawk to her iconic 80s Princess Diana 'mushroom mullet' and everything in between, the pop-turned-rock star's hair–in its own right–is a force to be reckoned with.

Although her initial shaggy chop occurred just a few years ago, it seems as if Miley has been growing out her locks ever since. Even so, as a result, we have a newfound love for her lob (long bob).

And along with that lob we saw the singer wear her fringe either down and grazing her lashes or parted in the middle out of her face. See the look from just a few months ago below:

However, now that her fringe has grown out just that little more, Miley has styled it swooping it across her face in a deep side-parting. Anyone else getting early 00s MySpace flashbacks? Year 9 secondary school vibes? Glitter G2G Blackberry GIF mems? OK, I'm done.

Of course, Miley has put a modern take on the classic Y2K hair look with her two-tone colour, so it's not quite outdated but more so pre-hype. We can totally see this look catching on. Even her sister, Brandi Cyrus, loved the look commenting: "The hair is FIREEEEEEE damn 🔥".

With this hair look along with N-Dubz recently reuniting (praise the music Gods above), it feels like all of our noughties Christmas wishes have come at once. What a time to be alive!

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