Mila Kunis opens up about protective relationship towards kids with Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis is one doting mom, as she loves to spend a majority of her time with her two children with husband Ashton Kutcher, daughter Wyatt, eight, and son Dimitri, six.

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The actress has often talked about their own specific parenting methods that differ from more traditional ones, but in a new interview, opened up about her protective instincts when it came to her kids.

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In her cover story for People, Mila discussed her support for Ukraine amidst its war and imparting those same principles to her children.

When asked about whether she has told them about the ongoing troubles and their efforts, she provided a realistic stance on the expectations she sets.

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"Wyatt is eight, and Dimitri is almost six," she said. "Children's brains, as beautiful and rich as they are, aren't capable of digesting this amount of information all at once.

"So we give them enough to understand what's happening in the world without the details. Do they know that these two countries are at war? Yes. Do they know innocent people are dying? Yes."

ashton kutcher and mila kunis at disney
ashton kutcher and mila kunis at disney

Mila and Ashton are loving parents of son Dimitri and daughter Wyatt

She continued: "But we don't watch the news with them. They don't need the visuals. We just want them to understand the world is bigger than they are."

Mila further elaborated on wanting to protect them from the harsher aspects of the world while realizing they're still too young to understand these realities.

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"There's also a part of you that wants to protect your kid from the things they don't even know are possible," she added. And my daughter's very sensitive.

"When we read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory together, she was like, 'That boy is starving! Why won't they feed him?' I thought, 'Kid, you are not ready for this world.'"

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The two have been strong supporters of Ukraine during the war

The That 70s Show star did elaborate on teaching her kids about the culture of Ukraine and their shared heritage, saying: "They've naturally found pride in being half Ukrainian."

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