Mike Tindall reveals sweet detail about his first date with Zara

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Mike reveals detail about first date with ZaraMax Mumby/Indigo - Getty Images

Rubgy player turned royal family member turned I'm A Celebrity campmate, Mike Tindall, has opened up about the early days of his relationship with Princess Anne's daughter, Zara – and it sounds as though the pair are a real match made in heaven.

Given that Zara is the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, who sadly died this September, you may be forgiven for thinking that their first date took place in the likes of the Ritz, but actually, according to Mike, it was all pretty casual. And, of course, had a sporting link (Zara is an Olympic-level equestrian athlete).

Whilst chatting away to two of his fellow campmates, comedian Babatunde Aleshe and Hollyoaks actor, Owen Warner, Mike recalled the first time he met Zara - at the 2003 Rugby World Cup in Australia.

"I was at the World Cup, she was out watching," he explained. "I got dropped from the semi-final. I was p*ssed off, so I went for a beer with another guy who got dropped and a guy who was over [in Sydney]. They’d met her before and they introduced us and then got chatting."

In response to Owen suggesting that their meeting would never have happened had Mike not been dropped from the team, Mike joked that it was the "best decision" that could've been made.

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Max Mumby/Indigo - Getty Images

As for how things progressed from there, Mike says that he and Zara decided to go for a "local lunch" - which all sounds pretty casual - and quickly discovered they both share a love of... alcohol.

"Then we figured out that we both quite like getting smashed," he told the camp. "It was a good start."

After marrying in July 2011, Mike and Zara have gone on to welcome three children together: Mia (aged 8), Lena, who is four, and Lucas, who is one.

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