"In the Midst of an Unpredictable World," This Couple Had the Most Intimate Elopement

After a, "Hi how are you - I see you are in the medical profession, I am too!" message popped up on Amber's phone, her life was changed from that day forward. Whitney was scrolling on OkCupid one morning, and noticed that a profile had a match rate of 88 percent. Intrigued, she decided to write a message and see if the person from the profile would respond. "I initially thought, 'I don't seem like her type; and seconds later I thought, 'But why not just send her a message and see where this goes.'" Sure enough, Whitney was more than just Amber's type - she was her soulmate. After meeting for a lunch that turned into an hours-long date, the two knew they were made for each other. "From there I knew - I never wanted to go a day without being in this woman's presence - the feeling was indescribable," Amber said.

"From there I knew - I never wanted to go a day without being in this woman's presence - the feeling was indescribable."

With marriage on the horizon, the couple was unsure if they should have a small ceremony in Puerto Rico with some family and friends or if they should have an intimate ceremony between the two of them and then have a celebration ceremony down the line. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, they had their answer - an intimate elopement in New York City. "Now, more than ever, we realized how life as we know it can change quickly and we did not want to waste time trying to schedule our day around the unforeseen future but rather seize the moment to plan a ceremony that would allow us to take a moment to cherish our journey together, focusing solely on the vows shared between the two of us in the midst of an unpredictable world," Whitney said. Their ceremony was filled with love, tears, and sweet moments between the two that not even a change in plans could dampen. In a world that's full of change, this couple's love for each other is one thing that's certain. Keep reading to see Whitney and Amber's special day ahead.

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