Michelle Williams to play Henry VIII's final wife in 'horror' movie

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Michelle Williams is to play English monarch Henry VIII's sixth and final wife, Katharine Parr, in a new "psychological horror" film.

Firebrand, which is directed by Brazilian filmmaker Karim Aïnouz in his English-language debut, will go into production in the U.K. in early 2022.

Written by Killing Eve scribes Henrietta and Jessica Ashworth, the movie will document how Parr outlived Henry without meeting the grisly or undignified treatment of her predecessors, two of whom were beheaded, two who faced divorce, and one who died in childbirth.

In a statement, Aïnouz said: "Having Michelle Williams portray this remarkable woman, an actress of immeasurable talent and passion, is a dream come true."

He went on to explain that Katharine's is a remarkable and underexplored story - one he will reimagine as a horror story.

"I could not be more excited to be bringing the undiscovered story of Katherine Parr to the screen, a ferociously brilliant woman who I am inspired by deeply and has been largely invisible, or certainly under-represented in English history," he gushed.

"Much is known about Henry VIII's tyrannical reign, and those who perished and suffered at his hands, but my focus here is on a

woman who not only managed to survive, but also, to thrive. This is a reimagining of a 'period' film, a psychological horror film set in the Tudor court; a story of intrigue, agency and survival."

Following Henry's death Katharine remarried and for a time lived with her stepdaughter, the future Queen Elizabeth I. She was also the first woman to publish under her own name in English in England.

Aïnouz's latest film, Mariner of The Mountains, premieres at the Cannes Film Festival as a Special Screening this Friday.

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