Michelle Visage says she's slept with men and women, but won't come out as bisexual

Paisley Gilmour

From Cosmopolitan

Michelle Visage is undoubtedly one of the best things about RuPaul's Drag Race - especially as she's the only one who gets away with roasting Ru. I'm sure many of us have wondered whether Michelle, who is such an integral part of queer culture, is LGBTQ+ herself. She's best mates with RuPaul, and has been since their New York club kid days back in the 80s. And she hangs out with queer people all the damn time... So is she bisexual?

In a new interview with the Guardian, Michelle got real about her sexuality, saying she had sex with women and men back in her club days. When the interviewer asked her if she ever did identify as bisexual back then, she said, "No, when I grew up that wasn’t really a thing. If it was, it was gay boys who would come out as bisexual first because it was easier for them."

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She went on to say, "It was just if I saw a pretty girl and I was attracted to her, why not?"

When asked if it would be easier to respond to those who criticise her involvement with the LGBTQ+ community by labelling herself as bi, she had the perfect response. "It would be easier, but I don’t feel like the easy way out is always the right way out."

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan

"I don’t want to take anything away from somebody who’s truly living a bisexual lifestyle,” she added. Of course, we know you don't have to be actively sleeping with people of more than one gender to truly be bisexual, but appreciate her not wanting to take up space in the bi community if she doesn't identify that way.

Michelle is married to her actor/writer husband David, who made the decision to stay at home with their two daughters while Michelle went out to work. She says since working on Drag Race she's seen a huge shift in queer acceptance.

"I have a gay daughter, so the most rewarding thing is to see a parent stand by their queer child, whereas maybe even five years ago, they wouldn’t have understood," she added.


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